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Impeccably clean and simple.

Drawing on case studies and feedback received over the past nine years, the Installatron Plugin user-interface has been refined to provide an experience that is powerful, elegant and intuitive for even the most inexperienced website owners. Website owners will pick up Installatron Plugin in seconds or minutes, not hours or days. Signifiant user-interface changes are focus group tested, so you can rest assured Installatron Plugin will always be incredibly simple and intuitive.

Only the best web applications.

We scour the web in search of the most mature and highest-quality web applications. The collection of web applications provided by Installatron Plugin is the result of this effort; a highly mature, thoroughly tested, and genuinely top-shelf collection of web applications. Over 200 of the web's top applications have been selected and potential additions are evaluated constantly.

Services the entire application lifecycle.

Installatron Plugin services the entire application lifecycle, from discovering and installing an application, updating as new versions become available, enabling backup, restore, migration and clone functionality, and one day safely uninstalling the application.


Installatron Plugin is used in all corners of the globe. To serve an international market, Installatron Plugin has been developed from the ground up to support international domain names, multi-lingual applications, user-interface localizations, and more.

Support & Documentation.

Anytime a little help (or a lot) is required, rest assured the Installatron team will respond professionally in a timely fashion. Both ticket-based and email support is available at no additional cost.

Seamless control panel integration.

A native "plugin" is developed for each control panel, enabling Installatron Plugin to integrate seamlessly with the control panel and even inherit the control panel's theme. Installatron Plugin feels like it's an integral function of the control panel, not a separate product.

Security & Privacy.

From conception security consciousness has been a central design goal for Installatron Plugin. However, our security consciousness doesn't end with our product — we also guarantee rapid deployment of application security releases to help ensure customers' installed applications are secure too.

Rock-solid reliability.

Installatron Plugin is designed to maximize compatibility while minimizing maintenance and requirements. All server configurations supported by a control panel are also supported by Installatron Plugin, and the server administrator should never need to service Installatron Plugin after it's installed.


Installatron Plugin makes it easier than ever to deploy and manage web applications. Fast-track business growth and customer satisfaction by empowering your customers with Installatron's premier library of easy-to-use web applications. They'll thank you for it.

Comprehensively customizable.

Installatron Plugin has many advanced and comprehensive administrative controls that make managing a server with Installatron a breeze. Here's just a few highlights.

Reseller control panel.

The reseller control panel enables resellers to configure Installatron Plugin different for their customers. The server administrator can also control which features and settings resellers can configure.


Installatron Plugin is designed to be easily extended with additional application packages, modifications to existing application packages, a full suite of automation APIs, and more.

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